Membrane Sheet

Litex Membrane Sheet

Make your bathroom water and steam proof in an instant with Litex Membrane Sheet, which can be applied on both floor and walls.

Litex Membrane Sheet can be mounted on all solid surfaces, such as plaster, concrete, brick, chipboard, plywood or wet room panels. On floors it can be used with or without heating cables.

The Litex Membrane Sheet system provides a quick and easy mounting on the wall and floor as a complete system.

Ready for tiling immediately

Litex Membrane Sheet is suitable for all solid substrates, such as plaster, wet room panels and concrete.

Mix two-pack glue and apply using a paint roller or trowel. Hang/mount the membrane sheet in one width at a time. Secure all penetrations and transitions safely with Litex accessories.

Litex Membrane Sheet system is mounted in one day and can be tiled already after six hours.

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Installation Guide

Mix two-pack glue and apply using a paint roller or trowel. Hang/mount one length of Litex Membrane sheet immediately to ensure good adhesion.

Then apply it as if it were a wallpaper, and wipe out any air bubbles with the squeegee or by hand. When walls and floors are done use Litex sealing solutions to ensure a complete waterproof solution.

Litex corner cuffs and drain cuffs are fitted with our construction adhesive. Secure the joints of the membrane sheet with Litex membrane sheet tape.

The floor-to-wall transition is secured with our rubberized sealing tape fitted with two-component adhesive. The bathroom is ready for tiling after six hours.


  1. 1
    Cut and adjust finished lengths of Litex Membrane sheet before assembly to ensure rapid progress.
  2. 2
    Apply the two-pack adhesive at one length at a time. Remember to check how long the adhesive can stay open.
  3. 3
    After about two hours it is possible to secure all joints with the Litex sealing system.


Easy to work with

The Litex Membrane sheet is easy to mount and is used together with smart accessories such as cuffs for pipes, drains and corners.


With Litex Membrane sheet there is no need to apply several layers of liquid membrane – you can tile right away! No more waiting for a liquid membrane dry.


The Membrane sheet has great versatility and can be applied to anything from plaster, concrete, plywood, wet room panels or other solid surfaces.

Litex Membrane Sheet

Product list



Content per pack

Content per pallet

Membrane Sheet 1 x 10 m




Membrane Sheet 1 x 30 m




Membrane Sheet Tape 10 m



12 each box

Two-component adhesive
2,5 + 1,75 kg (powder + liquid)


1 bucket


Two-component adhesive
5,1 + 3 kg (powder + liquid)


1 bucket


Two-component adhevesive
8,5 + 5 kg (powder + liquid)


1 bucket